About the forum

My name is Chris Baker. You may recognise my name from my First World War websites The Long, Long Trail and fourteeneighteen|research. From my daily dealing with people asking for help, and when I go around the country giving talks on this subject, it’s become clear to me that there is a demand for a different form of online community. One that is about plain English help with family history and understanding what your soldier actually did. Here it is.

In development

Thanks to all  who have registered to use the forum so far. It has been most useful in proving the basic functionality of the site. It has also revealed some weaknesses in the technologies used in its construction, particularly in its emailing and in integration with other forms of social media. I now need to take it down for a while while I continue its development.

I should also mention that since it was opened just about a week ago, it has attracted more than 700 hack attempts and registrations from would-be spammers, most from Russia. Thanks a lot, comrades.

Watch this space!